Websites to Check Out for T-Shirt Designs

May 18, 2021 0 Comments

Are you someone who enjoys creating graphic design? Do you want to build a business during this time? Why not combine your love for designing and business? Why not try t shirt printing as your business?

Customized t-shirt printing business has grown its popularity over the years. Many are venturing to this business because young people these days always wants to stand out. Designing and printing a t-shirt as a business has an appeal to all ages because everyone has a shirt or 2 in their wardrobe.

If you are planning to start your business, it is worth noting that you might need to invest on a quality printer. A good quality printer might be costly, but if you are after a long-term business, then you need to invest on good equipment.

Aside from that, a customized t-shirt design business depends highly on the quality of your prints. Clients will most likely to come back if you give them the best quality of print out there. After all, it is essentially a printing business.

Now, once you have the equipment you need for your t-shirt printing business, you need a software where you can create your designs. There are many software out there that you can try so that you can practice your creativity.

You can choose from the list of free or paid softwares. Now if you are a starting entrepreneur, you might want to start with the free software/program first. You might want to check the following websites to practice your creativity.

Free websites for Customized T-shirt Designs

Custom Ink is a website where you can design your own t-shirt. Their website tried to make designing a shirt as simple as possible. From fonts, to templates design, to t-shirt brands, CustomInk has a wide variety of designs. It makes customizing t-shirt design easy and you can do it in the comfort of your home.

Printful offers to create a high-resolution mock-up. Their tag line is “Turn your hobby into a side hustle” which is the whole idea of this creativity turned into business. Your design can be downloaded in the platform for free. What is good about this website is that you can design other clothing here aside from t-shirt.

GraffixPro Studio
GraffixPro studio has many art manipulation function, distressed effects, shadows, gradients and more that will help you to create artwork be more artsy. According to their website, you don’t need to learn complicated graphics when using this software. All you need to do is to download GraffixPro and get creative with your designs.

Remember that for customized t-shirt business, you need to be creative and strategize your marketing. Clients will keep on coming back if you provide them the quality that they are looking for. Always give your clients the best experience and the best item. In a business like customized t-shirt design, your work will speak largely to your customers. If the possible customers can see that you are a good provider, then they will get the service from you.