How to Get Started with Virtual Team Building Activities

August 23, 2021 0 Comments

The Importance of Virtual Team Building Activities
Team building is important for the success of any organization. It is about strengthening the relationships among people and creating a bond that will last through time. As we know, in reality it is not possible to always work with a team in person. Various reasons are responsible for this situation: geographical distance, different time zones, etc. However, we can make sure that virtual team building practices are as effective as possible by making the most use of modern technologies like video chats, live streaming and online conferences.

The Benefits of Team Building Activities for Your Business
The importance of a strong virtual team building activities in your company is immense. It helps to create a sense of belonging in the company and also enables people to bond together. A good virtual team building activity should be interactive, exciting, and challenging. The virtual team building activities can range from group competitions, scavenger hunts, and trivia games. These games can bring out a sense of competition which is important for the team members to work towards each other’s success.

Quick and Easy Virtual Team Building Activities for Busy Professionals
When it comes to virtual team building activities, the goal is to get people to work together in a positive environment. In order for us to do so, we need to consider the culture of our team. The culture will then help us determine what type of activities will be appropriate and which ones are going to be ineffective. Let’s look at some possible virtual team building activities to conduct for your team.

Virtual Scenario Exercise
A scenario planner is responsible for the overall direction of a virtual scenario exercise. The goal is to create a simulated environment that resembles the company’s work environment and industry. The main responsibility of a scenario planner is to meet with team members online, to understand their needs, and find out what they want to achieve with the simulation. The goal of a virtual environmental simulation is to make it seem like the company operates in real life, which can be difficult because you have to create all of the necessary components for this kind of exercise.

Playing Online Platform Game as a Team
This activity will use platforming/platform games to get the team members to work together and plan out their strategies. This will allow them to establish trust, share ideas, and build camaraderie. This is also a great way for the team members to brainstorm new ideas for future projects.

For this activity, we would have the team break up into two groups: one group of three players and another of four players. Both groups will play an online platform game as a group which is designed in such a way that they need teamwork in order for it to be completed successfully.

Virtual team building activities can be a good way to bring your team together. It can also be a great way to do some fun and creative work. In another article of ours, we covered the Best Virtual Team Building Activities for a Productive Workforce, so you might want to read it as well.