Everything to Know about Musang King Durian

October 30, 2020 0 Comments

A durian is an exotic fruit that is found mostly in various parts of Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand, China and various parts of Southeast Asia. It is arguably regarded as the “King of Fruits” by most Asians. A durian has a unique outlook, with its thorny outer skin, and smooth luscious yellow fruit. It can be sweet, bitter or a combination of both, depending on its ripeness, and the type of durian. Some people truly love this fruit, while others abhor it and regard it as stinky and disgusting. Regardless of your taste in it (forgive the pun), there is no doubt that a durian is indeed a unique fruit.

One particularly popular version of this fruit is the Musang King Durian. It has a light yellowish green outer with miscellaneous fat. With the pointed defence spikes, the seams make it looks like a star. Don’t grab it tightly; the lubricating flesh inside and your skin outside could be hurt. The density of spikes may vary, but it’s rather thin in comparison to other durians. The flesh is pure gold, more in taste than in look. If you open a Musang King by its seams, the gold may dazzle your sight.

It’s bitter in a way you fell in love with it; it’s sweet in a way you never feel like having little. It has a creamy taste. The bitter the better! Have it once and you will remember it forever. The flesh is as thick as a bar of gold; the seeds are really small. One must open a Musang king following its seams. Be sure you like its fragrance, for few people have the experience of finding it overwhelming.

Having the best of fruits like Musang King may have an effect of addiction upon you. You know what people would call you then? “Duriadict”! The greatest or the best of Musang are those which grow on a high ground or mountain.