Best Virtual Team Building Activities for a Productive Workforce

August 12, 2021 0 Comments

What is Virtual Team Building?
Virtual team building is a method of team-building in which people are not physically together, but they interact with each other through technology. This is done in order to make them more responsible and accountable for their work since it is done virtually. Virtual team building also allows people to meet and exchange ideas from different perspectives, cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. This can lead to more understanding between people with different perspectives.

Best Virtual Team Building Practices for Building an Effective Team
The best virtual team building practices are those that provide an opportunity for the employees to interact with each other while working on a project or an activity. The best practices include assigning team members to tasks that they can accomplish independently. This allows them to work at their own pace and collaborate informally when required. Another practice includes creating an opportunity for the team members to share some personal details about themselves which enables them to establish rapport with each other.

Types of Virtual Team Activities
Online Workplace Scavenger Hunt
The Online Workplace Scavenger Hunt is a tool that helps employees interact with each other while also educating them about the company. This interactive scavenger hunt can be used by companies of any size – from small businesses to large corporations. Employees are asked to go on an online scavenger hunt, completing tasks and taking quizzes along the way. The hunt includes a number of different games for all-around team building as well as educational purposes. It is a fun way for employees to learn more about their colleagues’ skill sets and interact with one another outside of their usual work environment.

Online Scenario Planning Activity (Environmental Simulation)
In this activity, you and your teammates will have to create a plan for how a team should react in an environmental disaster. You will be given a disaster scenario and information about the company. Your goal is to assess the risks and opportunities of the scenario, and come up with a plan that will allow your team to survive. After each session, you will get feedback from your peers on what you did well, what you could have done better, and what they might have done in your situation.

Brainstorming Outside-the-Box Ideas
Brainstorming is the thinking process that comes about from a variety of ideas, perspectives, or ways of doing something. This technique can be used for any type of idea where you are looking for new perspectives and approaches to an existing problem. In this virtual activity, you have to brainstorm with teammates and colleagues, in an online setting to help the team find new angles to tackle specific problems the company is facing. You may not always have the right answer on hand but brainstorming can help you think outside-the-box and get there eventually.

And there you have it, a simple explanation on how virtual team building is a process in which team members collaborate online and discuss their given tasks to solve a problem or complete a project, as well as a brief introduction to some common virtual team building activities. Virtual team building activities, if done right, help build the team’s collaboration skills, trust and communication among members. If you would like to get started with a dedicated virtual team building expert, visit